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Flip A Coin - Online Coin Flipping Simulator

Toss & Flip A Coin Online - A simple coin flipping simulator app that can give you instant heads or tails result.

Flip A Coin - Coin Toss - Online Coin Flip - Heads And Tails Coin Flipping is one of the best ways to decide between two options. If you need to pick where to go out to eat, you can flip a coin. If you need to choose what to see at the movies, you can toss a coin. If you need to decide what to name your first-born son, you can consider flipping a coin. And if you don't get your way, you can always beg the other person to try three out of five, four out of seven, five out of nine and so on... But we don't always have coins around. Luckily, there is a solution: the virtual coins at! Toss the coins as many times you needed and wanted. Enjoy ;-)

The History of the Coin Flip

The action of flipping a coin to decide one of two possible outcomes has truly been around for ages. In ancient Rome, it has existed and viewed as a game of chance stated as ‘Heads or Ships’, as a result of the ship’s prow and the two-headed God outline that shown on early coinage.

Far along in Middle-aged Britain, recognized as ‘Cross or Pile’, the game owing to the ‘heads’ side containing a cross and the ‘tails’ side referred to as the ‘pile’ in view of the fact that of its indentations from the pressing procedure.

All over history however, no matter what its term or perceptive, it has been continuously used for the same idea. To end a rivalry, make a decision or settle a dispute.

Why ‘Heads or Tails’?

Nowadays, the coin toss is widely applied as a method of making a decision concerning two equally possible answers. First person flips a coin in the air, and then the other individual (or one of the two contestants) calls heads or tails.

“Heads” signifies to the side of the coin that highlights a, head or portrait, in contrast to “Tails” that refers to the reverse side. This is not for the reason that it contains any form of tail, but because it is the counterpart of heads.

As a result, after attempting to decide who goes first, or who get to pick out a film, if the person screams out ‘heads’ and the heads side of the coin settles face up, at that time this person is the victor. However, if it lands on ‘tails’, the other person prevails. Uncomplicated.

When is the Coin Flip Used?

The coin toss has turn out to be a part of daily life, with many individuals using it to decide between trivial differences. On the other hand, it also been applied in far further important and recognized means such as to pick who will start a football game, and more considerably, to decide the result of the European Championships in 1968 0-0 ending, before the penalty shootout was presented.

Is the Coin Toss Consistent?

Numerous individuals now demand that the coin toss is not a reasonable method of defining consequences. Perhaps they suffer the loss of their most recent coin flip. Moreover, they claim that coin patterns these days frequently have detailed drawbacks, or advantages, varying on the differences in weight and geometry concerning the two surfaces.

Several would claim that the ‘heads’ side of the coin is the more advantageous choice, since it has more spherical design and heavier, whereas others declare that it’s all determine by the technique the coin is permitted to land. In a hand, you have influence and solidity plays a role, though on the ground, you add the uncertainty of components.

There is also occasional, but potential, circumstances where the coin settles on its side and does not fall to show heads or tails. This happened in 2013 in the course of an American Football game among the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions. By way of this incident and with most, if a coin settles on its side, an additional toss is to come off.

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